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Climate Change

Red Tide bloom now touching all three of Florida's coasts
Oct 1, 2018 - The bloom has now touched all three of the state's coasts, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. This appears to be only the second time that has happened since the state began officially tracking the blooms.
Public gets viewing area as manatee season begins
Nov 16, 2015 - This season, for the first time in years, there will be a place for the public to see South Florida's manatees. Florida Power & Light Co. will open a manatee viewing center called Manatee Lagoon at its power plant in Riviera Beach.
Five things to know about the 3 R's
Oct 22, 2015 - Lee County doesn't quite have Sweden's problems when it comes to recycling, but it's on its way. Sweden recycles so much material (more than 99 percent of household items are used again in some way) the country has to actually import trash to put in its incinerators, one method used to heat homes during extreme winters there.
For two state agencies, the big difference is how they view climate change
Jun 22, 2015 - The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a steering committee to address climate change. The commission maintains computer modeling programs that show how climate change will affect water and land crucial to wildlife.
 Utilities change their tune on solar power
Jun 2, 2015 - Just two years ago, the president of Duke Energy Florida said the Sunshine State had too many clouds for solar power to be effective.
'Sunshine State' or not, Florida Badly Behind on Solar Power
May 20, 2015 - The industry views Florida as a sleeping giant that could rival California in solar potential, but renewable energy experts say the state lags behind because old laws favor utilities over private enterprise.
Springs in West-Central Florida
Apr 23, 2015 - They are the natural wonders that flow through Florida. They are home to mullet, manatees and even mermaids. They are Florida's springs and they need our help. Florida has the largest concentration of springs in the world. There are more than 200 springs within the District.
Views You Can Use: The Climate Fight Comes Home
Apr 22, 2015 - President Obama is using an Earth Day speech in Florida to draw attention to climate change.
Coral Reefs of Florida to Disappear by 2030 Due to Climate Change
Apr 8, 2015 - The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states now that the coral reefs off of Florida's southern coast will disappear by 2030 due to climate change 12 years earlier than previously thought.
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