Support Our Springs

Looking for ways to support the Springs of Florida? Well, we have a couple of ways that will help you to protect and advance the support for our Springs.

Your Local Springs

If you live within 10 miles of a Spring the way you use water has an impact on the aquifer. There are dozen of steps you can take to reduce your water consumption. Landscaping, lawn care, indoor water use, reducing recreational impact while rising springs all ways to protect our springs. There is very good information here. Click here and visit for more tips.

Get involved

You can get involved by attending and voicing your concerns at local planning meetings. You can urge your local county and city representatives to protect groundwater and be responsible when it comes to land use. Support your water management district in protecting the groundwater that flows to your local springs.


You can volunteer your time at your local springs. Our local springs are always looking for concerned citizens to help with clean up efforts, event support and getting the word out about the local springs. Many of the local springs are at State parks. Please visit our featured springs page in the website to find the spring near you.

You can also check the website for other options.

Let your voice be heard

Voicing your opinion to your local leaders is also an important exercise. Click here to find your senator and let your voice be heard. IT COUNTS!!!

Save the Manatees

The manatees are such an important part of Florida waters. You can help support the cause by volunteering and filling out an online form at their website. Please click here to help support saving the manatees. For other ways to donate to or support the manatees, please click here for all options. You can also buy a shirt or a calendar at the Manatee Store!

Buy A License Plate

Buying a license plate can help to support the springs of Florida. You do not have to wait until you register you car. You can visit you local tax collector and get one today. This program is managed by the Wildlife Foundation of Florida and costs $25 more than a standard plate. It is great way to be able to show the world that you support our springs.

Did we miss something?

If you feel there is a missing opportunity to support our springs or you are involved with an organization and you would like it to be listed, please let us know in our contact us form.

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